Radika Exim is a premier Warehousing Agency in India, providing logistics support to the agricultural sector, is one of the biggest warehouse operators in the country offering logistics services to a diverse group of clients.

Radika Exim is operating several Warehouses across the country with a huge storage capacity providing warehousing services for a wide range of products ranging from agricultural produce to sophisticated industrial products.

Warehousing activities of Radika Exim include foodgrain warehouses, industrial warehousing, custom bonded warehouses, container freight stations, inland clearance depots and aircargo complexes.

Apart from storage and handling, Radika Exim also offers services in the area of clearing & forwarding, handling & transporation, procurement & distribution, disinfestation services, fumigation services and other ancillary activities.

Radika Exim also offers consultancy services/ training for the construction of warehousing infrastructure to different agencies.